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Can I be paid on a 1099 in connection with a residential mortgage loan?

Georgia Law and Department Rules have not changed regarding this matter.  The only way to be paid on a 1099 is for a licensed company to get paid on a 1099 in the company’s name, or an individual licensed as a broker or lender to get paid on a 1099 in the individual’s name.  All other work as an “independent contractor” is prohibited from being compensated via 1099.


The Department uses the Nationwide Multistate Licensing System (NGeorgia Loan Officers ) to manage all Mortgage Loan Originator (Georgia Loan Officer Jobs ) Licenses. All applications and changes to an Georgia Loan Officer Jobs license must be made through the NGeorgia Loan Officers .

Please review the Pre-requisites for a Georgia Georgia Loan Officer Jobs license to learn about the requirements that must be met before submitting a license request through the NGeorgia Loan Officers .

The NGeorgia Loan Officers website lists licensing information and requirements and contains a checklist and instructions to ensure that you have submitted all required information and jurisdiction-specific documents to the Department for a complete application. These document is included with the applicable checklist and document instruction forms and must be uploaded in NGeorgia Loan Officers . Note: license requests without sponsors are incomplete applications and subject to administrative withdrawal.  Applicants should also familiarize themselves with the applicable Georgia Code Sections and Regulations.

CRIMINAL HISTORY:  The Department verifies the criminal background of each applicant for a mortgage license.  Applicants must complete the FBI criminal background check authorization and fingerprinting process per NGeorgia Loan Officers instructions.  In addition, you must provide consent to the Department to access your background check using the GA Verification of Lawful Presence Affidavit & Consent Form.  Privacy Rights are included with the instructions to the form.  Please note, a criminal history increases the difficulty of making a favorable decision on an application.  Non-financial crime misdemeanors should not be problematic.  Convicted felons, including those that have pled guilty to a felony even if the felony charges were ultimately reduced, who do not provide documentation of the remedy provided for in O.C.G.A. § 7-1-1004(d)(2) (e.g. a pardon) will not be licensed.  O.C.G.A. § 7-1-1004 provides no time limit on felony convictions that prohibit licensure.  Omissions in either the Individual Form (MU4) or communications with the Department regarding criminal history are deemed to be a serious misrepresentation to the Department and can be the basis of a denial regardless of the nature or outcome of the arrest.  Note, applicants that fail to complete the criminal background check process, including authorization and fingerprinting, have not completed the application process and are subject to administrative withdrawal.

CREDIT HISTORY: Applicants should be aware of disqualifying factors concerning creditworthiness.  The Department does not qualify financial responsibility on a credit score, but looks at the Georgia Loan Officer Jobs applicant’s overall credit report. Judgments, child support in arrears, and other factors could result in the denial of licensure.  Tax liens, charge-offs or collection accounts, and foreclosures or short sales with a deficiency will also negatively affect Georgia Loan Officer Jobs licensing unless a payment plan is in place and at least 3 consecutive payments have been made prior to the application.  (Payment plans will be checked at renewal for continuation.)


Please note that the NGeorgia Loan Officers R federal registration process must be utilized if you are an employee of a bank, bank subsidiary or a credit union.  As required under federal law, residential mortgage loan originators employed by banks, savings associations, credit unions, or Farm Credit System institutions must register with the registry, obtain a unique identifier from the registry, and maintain their registrations.  Further information regarding the registry and the registration process is available at the registry’s website: http://fedregistry.nationwidelicensingsystem.org/Pages/default.aspx.


Georgia’s annual license/registration renewal period is between November 1 and December 1.  Late Renewals are permitted between December 2 and December 31.    Incomplete applications will be subject to expiration after December 31.


Please refrain from calling the Department to ask for status updates regarding your application. We thank you in advance for your cooperation.

Before contacting the Department, please note the following:

If your application is incomplete, you will be sent an e-mail through NGeorgia Loan Officers outlining any deficiencies or requirements that are still needed to complete it.  It is imperative that your e-mail address in NGeorgia Loan Officers is accurate and that communications sent do not inadvertently get treated like Spam.  Your NGeorgia Loan Officers record will show your application with a Pending status until it is approved, regardless of whether we have all of your information.

Information is available from the  NGeorgia Loan Officers Consumer Access website once the Department has taken action on an Georgia Loan Officer Jobs application (i.e., approved, denied, revoked, suspended, expired). If you conduct a search through NGeorgia Loan Officers Consumer Access and the Department HAS NOT acted on your application, the search will return a “No Match Found” response.

Georgia Loan Officer License Certificates

The Department provides license certificates required by O.C.G.A. § 7-1-1006 to approved licensees electronically
through its website. Licensees will receive instructions and log-in information to access the license certificate webpage
via e-mail from (noreply@dbf.state.ga.us) once the certificate is available on our website. If your license application is
approved, and you do not receive an e-mail from the Department within 2-3 business days, please check your SPAM
folder before contacting the Department. The Department will not send the email until your certificate is available on
our website.
Helpful Resources
 Individual Form (MU4) Filing Quick Guide
 License Status Definitions Quick Guide
 Disclosure Explanations – Document Upload Quick Guide
 State-Specific Education Chart
 Individual Test Enrollment Quick Guide
 Course Enrollment Quick Guide
Agency Contact Information
Contact the Non-Depository Financial Institutions Division (NDFI) licensing staff by phone at (770) 986-1136 or send your
questions via email to dbfmort@dbf.state.ga.us for additional assistance.
Department of Banking and Finance
State of Georgia

PREREQUISITES – These items must be completed prior to the submission of your Individual Form (MU4).
 GA Mortgage Loan Originator License Submitted via…

Pre-licensure Education: Prior to submission of the application, complete at least 20 hours of
NMLS-approved pre-licensure education (PE) courses.
Follow the instructions in the Course Completion Records Quick Guide to confirm that PE has
been posted to your record and the PE Total indicates “Compliant.”
Note: For reapplications, Georgia requires completion of CE in the last year the license was in
an approved status. O.C.G.A. § 7-1-1004(e)(5). Pre-licensure education will expire after three
years without a valid mortgage loan originator license or federal registration. Rule 80-11-5-

Testing: Passing results on the National Test Component with Uniform State Content are
Note: Unexpired passing results on both the National and Georgia State components of the
SAFE Test, or the National and Stand-alone UST components of the SAFE Test will also be
Follow the instructions in the View Testing Information Quick Guide to confirm test results
have been posted to your record and indicate “Pass.”
 GA Mortgage Loan Originator License Submitted via…
 Georgia NMLS Initial Processing Fee: $30
GA Application and License Fee: $100 Credit Report: $15
FBI Criminal Background Check: $36.25 NMLS (FilingSubmission)
REQUIREMENTS COMPLETED IN NMLS – These items must be completed during or after the submission of your
Individual Form (MU4).
 GA Mortgage Loan Originator License Submitted via…
Submission of Individual Form (MU4): Complete and submit the Individual Form (MU4) in
NMLS. This form and the Georgia Mortgage Loan Originator Applicant Affidavit (jurisdictional
document) submitted via NMLS serve as the application for the license.
Note: Department communications with applicants are primarily via email or NMLS. Please
ensure that your email address provided on your MU4 and your NMLS account are valid.
NMLS notifications (including notifications of license items are sent to your NMLS account email address).

REQUIREMENTS COMPLETED IN NMLS – These items must be completed during or after the submission of your
Individual Form (MU4).
 GA Mortgage Loan Originator License Submitted via…
Georgia Loan Officer Criminal Background Check: Authorization for an FBI criminal history background check to be
completed in NMLS. Convicted felons, including those that have pled guilty to a felony
even if the felony charges were ultimately reduced, who do not provide documentation of
the remedy provided for in O.C.G.A. § 7-1-1004(d)(2) (e.g. a pardon) will not be licensed.
O.C.G.A. § 7-1-1004 provides no time limit on felony convictions that prohibit licensure.
After you authorize the FBI criminal history background check through the Individual Form
(MU4), you must schedule an appointment to be fingerprinted.
See the Completing the Criminal Background Check Process Quick Guide for information.
Note: If you are able to ‘Use Existing Prints’ to process the FBI criminal history background
check, you DO NOT have to schedule an appointment. NMLS will submit the fingerprints
already on file and the background check will begin to process automatically.
 Georgia Loan Officer Credit Report: Authorization for a credit report must be completed. Upon initial
authorization, you are required to complete an Identity Verification Process (IDV) within the
Individual Form (MU4). See the Individual (MU4) Credit Report Quick Guide for instructions
on completing the IDV.
Note: The same credit report can be used for any existing or additional licenses for up to 30
 Georgia Mortgage Loan Officer Company Sponsorship: A sponsorship request from your employer must be submitted. Your
sponsor must be a licensed or registered Georgia mortgage broker or lender with the
requisite surety bond coverage. GA will review and accept, reject, or mark deficient the
sponsorship request.
 The Mortgage Loan Originator will be covered under their sponsoring company’s surety
 If the applicant is not currently employed by a mortgage company that meets the
requirements, the application will be subject to withdrawal as incomplete.
 A mortgage loan originator shall not be sponsored simultaneously by more than one
mortgage broker, or mortgage lender licensed or registered under the Georgia
Residential Mortgage Act. NMLS
 Disclosure Questions: For each “Yes” response, provide an explanation and, if applicable, a
supporting document. See the Individual Disclosure Explanations Quick Guide and the
Disclosure Explanations – Document Upload Quick Guide for instructions.
Upload in NMLS
in the Disclosure
section of the
Individual Form
Updated 11/12/2019 Page 6 of 6
REQUIREMENTS COMPLETED IN NMLS – These items must be completed during or after the submission of your
Individual Form (MU4).
 GA Mortgage Loan Originator License Submitted via…
 Employment History: The business address listed in the Employment History section of the
Individual Form (MU4) must match the address of the registered location in the Company
 GA Mortgage Loan Originator License Submitted via…
 GA Jurisdictional Document:
Click here to download the Georgia Mortgage Loan Originator Applicant Affidavit
Instructions and Form
Upload the form in NMLS
See Individual Document Uploads Quick Guide for instructions.
NOTE: Applicants that fail to complete and upload a Georgia Mortgage Loan Originator
Applicant Affidavit will be considered incomplete and subject to administrative
withdrawal. This document is required regardless if it has been submitted for a prior or
current application.
Upload (the 2-
page form) in
NMLS under
Document Type
Documentation in the Document Uploads section.
Do not upload instructions and privacy rights.
 Credit Report Explanations: Any credit report filed with this Department containing tax liens,
judgments, unpaid child support, bankruptcies, and/or charged off accounts will likely cause
the processing of the application to be delayed or possibly cause the application to be denied.
Outstanding derogatory credit issues or bankruptcies, which have not been discharged, will
require satisfactory explanation.
Note: Documentation must include:
 Proof the debt has been paid;
 Proof that a payment plan has been established and that three current payments
have been made; or
 Proof that the debt is not yours and has been disputed with the creditor as well as
This document should be named Credit Report Explanations – Sub Name – Document Creation
Date.Upload in NMLS under the Document Type Credit Report Explanations in the Document
Uploads sectionof the Individual Form (MU4).
No items are required to be submitted outside of NMLS for this license.
Jurisdictional Documentation must be uploaded to NMLS at time of submission.

Mortgage Industry Frequently Asked Questions

The Mortgage Industry FAQs page is designed to assist potential and existing mortgage licensees/registrants with common questions about the various Georgia laws and Department regulations and policies applicable to the residential mortgage industry.

  • What functions does your Department perform with respect to the mortgage industry?
  • What is the Nationwide Multistate Licensing System?
  • What laws and regulations do I need to be familiar with in order to meet the licensing requirements and properly operate in Georgia as a mortgage licensee or registrant?
  • How do I obtain a license to operate as a broker or lender in the residential mortgage industry?
  • I have bad credit. Will my mortgage license be approved?
  • I have a criminal background. Will my license be approved?
  • I know what a “Licensee” is, but what is a “Registrant” under GRMA?
  • My mortgage company wants to establish a Georgia branch office. How do I accomplish this?
  • Does Georgia allow net branches of mortgage licensees?
  • I am a licensed lender and have a branch location in Georgia. Can my loan officers broker loans to other lenders from that branch without being considered a “net branch”.
  • I am a licensed broker or lender located in another state. Is it possible to obtain an exemption to originate or fund one loan?
  • I hold a mortgage license. How often can I expect to have my operations examined by your Department?
  • What is a “Mortgage Loan Transaction Journal”?
  • For examination purposes, do I need to maintain all canceled checks?
  • I want to become a mortgage licensee. What fees are charged by your Department?
  • Does your Department ever fine its licensees?
  • I already have a mortgage license. What will happen when it is time to renew my license?
  • I am a mortgage licensee. What reports must I file with the Department each year?
  • I am a mortgage broker or lender licensee. What is a Mortgage Call Report and how do I file it?
  • What telemarketing activities require a license for a company that solicits and sells mortgage leads?
  • What is a Mortgage Loan Originator (Georgia Loan Officer Jobs )?
  • I am an originator and have changed employers. Can I still be compensated for loans that were in the pipeline when I left my previous employer?
  • If I am a loan processor or underwriter, do I need a Georgia Loan Officer Jobs license?
  • I am a Loan Originator. Do I have to obtain a Georgia Loan Officer Jobs license?
  • How do I know if I am exempt from Georgia Loan Officer Jobs licensing?
  • If I work for a company that is exempt from being licensed as a broker or lender in Georgia such as a non-profit organization, does this exempt me from Georgia Loan Officer Jobs licensing?
  • I only work part-time. Is a part-time loan originator subject to the same licensing requirements as a full-time loan originator?
  • Can I be paid on a 1099 in connection with a residential mortgage loan?

    Georgia Law and Department Rules have not changed regarding this matter.  The only way to be paid on a 1099 is for a licensed company to get paid on a 1099 in the company’s name, or an individual licensed as a broker or lender to get paid on a 1099 in the individual’s name.  All other work as an “independent contractor” is prohibited from being compensated via 1099.

  • I own a licensed mortgage company, but I do not originate loans. My loan originators are the only people at my company that originate. I serve only in an administrative role. Do I have to have a Georgia Loan Officer Jobs license?
  • I am a Branch Manager of a mortgage company. Do I have to have a Georgia Loan Officer Jobs license?
  • So now that I have my own Georgia Loan Officer Jobs license, am I considered a mortgage broker? Can I originate loans on my own?
  • Do I need a Georgia Loan Officer Jobs license to perform loan modifications?
  • Where can I find more information about the national and state specific tests?
  • Why are you checking my credit? Will my credit history affect the Department’s decision to license me as a Georgia Loan Officer Jobs ?
  • I am applying for a Georgia Loan Officer Jobs license. Do I have to get my own bond?
  • After I obtain a Georgia Loan Officer Jobs license, what are the Continuing Education requirements for Georgia Loan Officer Jobs s?
  • What period of time will the Georgia Loan Officer Jobs license cover and when is the renewal period?
  • What is a NMLSR Unique Identifier?
  • Will my NMLSR Unique Identifier be made public?
  • As a Georgia Loan Officer Jobs , can I be examined/fined/revoked by the Department?
  • What laws govern the Georgia Loan Officer Jobs licensing process and detail the actions we must take to stay in compliance?
  • Who can I contact for help regarding mortgage licensing or other mortgage-related questions?


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Georgia30361AtlantaFultonView Map
Georgia30362AtlantaDekalbView Map
Georgia30363AtlantaFultonView Map
Georgia30364AtlantaFultonView Map
Georgia30366AtlantaDekalbView Map
Georgia30368AtlantaFultonView Map
Georgia30369AtlantaFultonView Map
Georgia30370AtlantaFultonView Map
Georgia30371AtlantaFultonView Map
Georgia30374AtlantaFultonView Map
Georgia30375AtlantaFultonView Map
Georgia30376AtlantaFultonView Map
Georgia30377AtlantaFultonView Map
Georgia30378AtlantaFultonView Map
Georgia30379AtlantaFultonView Map
Georgia30380AtlantaFultonView Map
Georgia30384AtlantaFultonView Map
Georgia30385AtlantaFultonView Map
Georgia30386AtlantaFultonView Map
Georgia30387AtlantaFultonView Map
Georgia30388AtlantaFultonView Map
Georgia30389AtlantaFultonView Map
Georgia30390AtlantaFultonView Map
Georgia30392AtlantaFultonView Map
Georgia30394AtlantaFultonView Map
Georgia30396AtlantaFultonView Map
Georgia30398AtlantaFultonView Map
Georgia30399AtlantaFultonView Map
Georgia30401SwainsboroEmanuelView Map
Georgia30410AileyMontgomeryView Map
Georgia30411AlamoWheelerView Map
Georgia30412AlstonMontgomeryView Map
Georgia30413BartowJeffersonView Map
Georgia30414BellvilleEvansView Map
Georgia30415BrookletBullochView Map
Georgia30417ClaxtonEvansView Map
Georgia30420CobbtownTattnallView Map
Georgia30421CollinsTattnallView Map
Georgia30423DaisyEvansView Map
Georgia30424DoverScrevenView Map
Georgia30425GarfieldEmanuelView Map
Georgia30426GirardBurkeView Map
Georgia30427GlennvilleTattnallView Map
Georgia30428GlenwoodWheelerView Map
Georgia30429HaganEvansView Map
Georgia30434LouisvilleJeffersonView Map
Georgia30436LyonsToombsView Map
Georgia30438ManassasTattnallView Map
Georgia30439MetterCandlerView Map
Georgia30441MidvilleBurkeView Map
Georgia30442MillenJenkinsView Map
Georgia30445Mount VernonMontgomeryView Map
Georgia30446NewingtonScrevenView Map
Georgia30447NorristownEmanuelView Map
Georgia30448NunezEmanuelView Map
Georgia30449OliverScrevenView Map
Georgia30450PortalBullochView Map
Georgia30451PulaskiCandlerView Map
Georgia30452RegisterBullochView Map
Georgia30453ReidsvilleTattnallView Map
Georgia30454RockledgeLaurensView Map
Georgia30455Rocky FordScrevenView Map
Georgia30456SardisBurkeView Map
Georgia30457SopertonTreutlenView Map
Georgia30458StatesboroBullochView Map
Georgia30459StatesboroBullochView Map
Georgia30460StatesboroBullochView Map
Georgia30461StatesboroBullochView Map
Georgia30464StillmoreEmanuelView Map
Georgia30467SylvaniaScrevenView Map
Georgia30470TarrytownMontgomeryView Map
Georgia30471Twin CityEmanuelView Map
Georgia30473UvaldaMontgomeryView Map
Georgia30474VidaliaToombsView Map
Georgia30475VidaliaToombsView Map
Georgia30477WadleyJeffersonView Map
Georgia30499ReidsvilleTattnallView Map
Georgia30501GainesvilleHallView Map
Georgia30502Chestnut MountainHallView Map
Georgia30503GainesvilleHallView Map
Georgia30504GainesvilleHallView Map
Georgia30506GainesvilleHallView Map
Georgia30507GainesvilleHallView Map
Georgia30510AltoHabershamView Map
Georgia30511BaldwinBanksView Map
Georgia30512BlairsvilleUnionView Map
Georgia30513Blue RidgeFanninView Map
Georgia30514BlairsvilleUnionView Map
Georgia30515BufordGwinnettView Map
Georgia30516BowersvilleHartView Map
Georgia30517BraseltonJacksonView Map
Georgia30518BufordGwinnettView Map
Georgia30519BufordGwinnettView Map
Georgia30520CanonFranklinView Map
Georgia30521CarnesvilleFranklinView Map
Georgia30522CherrylogGilmerView Map
Georgia30523ClarkesvilleHabershamView Map
Georgia30525ClaytonRabunView Map
Georgia30527ClermontHallView Map
Georgia30528ClevelandWhiteView Map
Georgia30529CommerceJacksonView Map
Georgia30530CommerceBanksView Map
Georgia30531CorneliaHabershamView Map
Georgia30533DahlonegaLumpkinView Map
Georgia30534DawsonvilleDawsonView Map
Georgia30535DemorestHabershamView Map
Georgia30536EllijayGilmerView Map
Georgia30537DillardRabunView Map
Georgia30538EastanolleeStephensView Map
Georgia30539East EllijayGilmerView Map
Georgia30540EllijayGilmerView Map
Georgia30541EpworthFanninView Map
Georgia30542Flowery BranchHallView Map
Georgia30543GillsvilleHallView Map
Georgia30544DemorestHabershamView Map
Georgia30545HelenWhiteView Map
Georgia30546HiawasseeTownsView Map
Georgia30547HomerBanksView Map
Georgia30548HoschtonJacksonView Map
Georgia30549JeffersonJacksonView Map
Georgia30552LakemontRabunView Map
Georgia30553LavoniaFranklinView Map
Georgia30554LulaHallView Map
Georgia30555Mc CaysvilleFanninView Map
Georgia30557MartinStephensView Map
Georgia30558MaysvilleBanksView Map
Georgia30559Mineral BluffFanninView Map
Georgia30560MorgantonFanninView Map
Georgia30562Mountain CityRabunView Map
Georgia30563Mount AiryHabershamView Map
Georgia30564MurrayvilleHallView Map
Georgia30565NicholsonJacksonView Map
Georgia30566OakwoodHallView Map
Georgia30567PendergrassJacksonView Map
Georgia30568Rabun GapRabunView Map
Georgia30571Sautee NacoocheeWhiteView Map
Georgia30572SuchesUnionView Map
Georgia30573Tallulah FallsRabunView Map
Georgia30575TalmoJacksonView Map
Georgia30576TigerRabunView Map
Georgia30577ToccoaStephensView Map
Georgia30580TurnervilleHabershamView Map
Georgia30581WileyRabunView Map
Georgia30582Young HarrisTownsView Map
Georgia30596AltoHabershamView Map
Georgia30597DahlonegaLumpkinView Map
Georgia30598Toccoa FallsStephensView Map
Georgia30599CommerceJacksonView Map
Georgia30601AthensClarkeView Map
Georgia30602AthensClarkeView Map
Georgia30603AthensClarkeView Map
Georgia30604AthensClarkeView Map
Georgia30605AthensClarkeView Map
Georgia30606AthensClarkeView Map
Georgia30607AthensClarkeView Map
Georgia30608AthensClarkeView Map
Georgia30609AthensClarkeView Map
Georgia30612AthensClarkeView Map
Georgia30619ArnoldsvilleOglethorpeView Map
Georgia30620BethlehemBarrowView Map
Georgia30621BishopOconeeView Map
Georgia30622BogartOconeeView Map
Georgia30623BostwickMorganView Map
Georgia30624BowmanElbertView Map
Georgia30625BuckheadMorganView Map
Georgia30627CarltonMadisonView Map
Georgia30628ColbertMadisonView Map
Georgia30629ComerMadisonView Map
Georgia30630CrawfordOglethorpeView Map
Georgia30631CrawfordvilleTaliaferroView Map
Georgia30633DanielsvilleMadisonView Map
Georgia30634Dewy RoseElbertView Map
Georgia30635ElbertonElbertView Map
Georgia30638FarmingtonOconeeView Map
Georgia30639Franklin SpringsFranklinView Map
Georgia30641Good HopeWaltonView Map
Georgia30642GreensboroGreeneView Map
Georgia30643HartwellHartView Map
Georgia30645High ShoalsMorganView Map
Georgia30646HullMadisonView Map
Georgia30647IlaMadisonView Map
Georgia30648LexingtonOglethorpeView Map
Georgia30650MadisonMorganView Map
Georgia30655MonroeWaltonView Map
Georgia30656MonroeWaltonView Map
Georgia30660RayleWilkesView Map
Georgia30662RoystonFranklinView Map
Georgia30663RutledgeMorganView Map
Georgia30664SharonTaliaferroView Map
Georgia30665SiloamGreeneView Map
Georgia30666StathamBarrowView Map
Georgia30667StephensOglethorpeView Map
Georgia30668TignallWilkesView Map
Georgia30669Union PointGreeneView Map
Georgia30671MaxeysOglethorpeView Map
Georgia30673WashingtonWilkesView Map
Georgia30677WatkinsvilleOconeeView Map
Georgia30678White PlainsGreeneView Map
Georgia30680WinderBarrowView Map
Georgia30683WintervilleClarkeView Map
Georgia30701CalhounGordonView Map
Georgia30703CalhounGordonView Map
Georgia30705ChatsworthMurrayView Map
Georgia30707ChickamaugaWalkerView Map
Georgia30708CiscoMurrayView Map
Georgia30710CohuttaWhitfieldView Map
Georgia30711CrandallMurrayView Map
Georgia30719DaltonWhitfieldView Map
Georgia30720DaltonWhitfieldView Map
Georgia30721DaltonWhitfieldView Map
Georgia30722DaltonWhitfieldView Map
Georgia30724EtonMurrayView Map
Georgia30725FlintstoneWalkerView Map
Georgia30726GraysvilleCatoosaView Map
Georgia30728La FayetteWalkerView Map
Georgia30730LyerlyChattoogaView Map
Georgia30731MenloChattoogaView Map
Georgia30732OakmanGordonView Map
Georgia30733PlainvilleGordonView Map
Georgia30734RangerGordonView Map
Georgia30735ResacaGordonView Map
Georgia30736RinggoldCatoosaView Map
Georgia30738Rising FawnDadeView Map
Georgia30739Rock SpringWalkerView Map
Georgia30740Rocky FaceWhitfieldView Map
Georgia30741RossvilleWalkerView Map
Georgia30742Fort OglethorpeCatoosaView Map
Georgia30746Sugar ValleyGordonView Map
Georgia30747SummervilleChattoogaView Map
Georgia30750Lookout MountainWalkerView Map
Georgia30751TenngaMurrayView Map
Georgia30752TrentonDadeView Map
Georgia30753TrionChattoogaView Map
Georgia30755Tunnel HillWhitfieldView Map
Georgia30756VarnellWhitfieldView Map
Georgia30757WildwoodDadeView Map
Georgia30802ApplingColumbiaView Map
Georgia30803AveraJeffersonView Map
Georgia30805BlytheRichmondView Map
Georgia30806BonevilleMcduffieView Map
Georgia30807CamakWarrenView Map
Georgia30808DearingMcduffieView Map
Georgia30809EvansColumbiaView Map
Georgia30810GibsonGlascockView Map
Georgia30811GoughBurkeView Map
Georgia30812GracewoodRichmondView Map
Georgia30813GrovetownColumbiaView Map
Georgia30814HarlemColumbiaView Map
Georgia30815HephzibahRichmondView Map
Georgia30816KeysvilleBurkeView Map
Georgia30817LincolntonLincolnView Map
Georgia30818MatthewsJeffersonView Map
Georgia30819MesenaWarrenView Map
Georgia30820MitchellGlascockView Map
Georgia30821NorwoodWarrenView Map
Georgia30822PerkinsJenkinsView Map
Georgia30823StapletonJeffersonView Map
Georgia30824ThomsonMcduffieView Map
Georgia30828WarrentonWarrenView Map
Georgia30830WaynesboroBurkeView Map
Georgia30833WrensJeffersonView Map
Georgia30901AugustaRichmondView Map
Georgia30903AugustaRichmondView Map
Georgia30904AugustaRichmondView Map
Georgia30905AugustaRichmondView Map
Georgia30906AugustaRichmondView Map
Georgia30907AugustaColumbiaView Map
Georgia30909AugustaRichmondView Map
Georgia30911AugustaRichmondView Map
Georgia30912AugustaRichmondView Map
Georgia30913AugustaRichmondView Map
Georgia30914AugustaRichmondView Map
Georgia30916AugustaRichmondView Map
Georgia30917AugustaColumbiaView Map
Georgia30919AugustaRichmondView Map
Georgia30999AugustaRichmondView Map
Georgia31001AbbevilleWilcoxView Map
Georgia31002AdrianEmanuelView Map
Georgia31003AllentownWilkinsonView Map
Georgia31004BolingbrokeMonroeView Map
Georgia31005BonaireHoustonView Map
Georgia31006ButlerTaylorView Map
Georgia31007ByromvilleDoolyView Map
Georgia31008ByronPeachView Map
Georgia31009CadwellLaurensView Map
Georgia31010CordeleCrispView Map
Georgia31011ChaunceyDodgeView Map
Georgia31012ChesterDodgeView Map
Georgia31013ClinchfieldHoustonView Map
Georgia31014CochranBleckleyView Map
Georgia31015CordeleCrispView Map
Georgia31016CullodenMonroeView Map
Georgia31017DanvilleTwiggsView Map
Georgia31018DavisboroWashingtonView Map
Georgia31019DexterLaurensView Map
Georgia31020Dry BranchTwiggsView Map
Georgia31021DublinLaurensView Map
Georgia31022DudleyLaurensView Map
Georgia31023EastmanDodgeView Map
Georgia31024EatontonPutnamView Map
Georgia31025ElkoHoustonView Map
Georgia31026EatontonPutnamView Map
Georgia31027East DublinLaurensView Map
Georgia31028CentervilleHoustonView Map
Georgia31029ForsythMonroeView Map
Georgia31030Fort ValleyPeachView Map
Georgia31031GordonWilkinsonView Map
Georgia31032GrayJonesView Map
Georgia31033HaddockJonesView Map
Georgia31034HardwickBaldwinView Map
Georgia31035HarrisonWashingtonView Map
Georgia31036HawkinsvillePulaskiView Map
Georgia31037HelenaTelfairView Map
Georgia31038HillsboroJasperView Map
Georgia31039HowardTaylorView Map
Georgia31040DublinLaurensView Map
Georgia31041IdealMaconView Map
Georgia31042IrwintonWilkinsonView Map
Georgia31044JeffersonvilleTwiggsView Map
Georgia31045JewellWarrenView Map
Georgia31046JulietteMonroeView Map
Georgia31047KathleenHoustonView Map
Georgia31049KiteJohnsonView Map
Georgia31050KnoxvilleCrawfordView Map
Georgia31051LillyDoolyView Map
Georgia31052LizellaCrawfordView Map
Georgia31054Mc IntyreWilkinsonView Map
Georgia31055Mc RaeTelfairView Map
Georgia31057MarshallvilleMaconView Map
Georgia31058MaukMarionView Map
Georgia31059MilledgevilleBaldwinView Map
Georgia31060MilanTelfairView Map
Georgia31061MilledgevilleBaldwinView Map
Georgia31062MilledgevilleBaldwinView Map
Georgia31063MontezumaMaconView Map
Georgia31064MonticelloJasperView Map
Georgia31065MontroseLaurensView Map
Georgia31066MusellaCrawfordView Map
Georgia31067OconeeWashingtonView Map
Georgia31068OglethorpeMaconView Map
Georgia31069PerryHoustonView Map
Georgia31070PinehurstDoolyView Map
Georgia31071PineviewWilcoxView Map
Georgia31072PittsWilcoxView Map
Georgia31075RentzLaurensView Map
Georgia31076ReynoldsTaylorView Map
Georgia31077RhineDodgeView Map
Georgia31078RobertaCrawfordView Map
Georgia31079RochelleWilcoxView Map
Georgia31081RupertTaylorView Map
Georgia31082SandersvilleWashingtonView Map
Georgia31083ScotlandTelfairView Map
Georgia31084SevilleWilcoxView Map
Georgia31085Shady DaleJasperView Map
Georgia31086SmarrMonroeView Map
Georgia31087SpartaHancockView Map
Georgia31088Warner RobinsHoustonView Map
Georgia31089TennilleWashingtonView Map
Georgia31090ToomsboroWilkinsonView Map
Georgia31091UnadillaDoolyView Map
Georgia31092ViennaDoolyView Map
Georgia31093Warner RobinsHoustonView Map
Georgia31094WarthenWashingtonView Map
Georgia31095Warner RobinsHoustonView Map
Georgia31096WrightsvilleJohnsonView Map
Georgia31097YatesvilleUpsonView Map
Georgia31098Warner RobinsHoustonView Map
Georgia31099Warner RobinsHoustonView Map
Georgia31106AtlantaFultonView Map
Georgia31107AtlantaFultonView Map
Georgia31119AtlantaDekalbView Map
Georgia31120AtlantaDekalbView Map
Georgia31126AtlantaFultonView Map
Georgia31131AtlantaFultonView Map
Georgia31136AtlantaFultonView Map
Georgia31139AtlantaFultonView Map
Georgia31141AtlantaDekalbView Map
Georgia31145AtlantaDekalbView Map
Georgia31146AtlantaDekalbView Map
Georgia31150AtlantaFultonView Map
Georgia31156AtlantaFultonView Map
Georgia31191AtlantaFultonView Map
Georgia31192AtlantaFultonView Map
Georgia31193AtlantaFultonView Map
Georgia31195AtlantaFultonView Map
Georgia31196AtlantaFultonView Map
Georgia31197AtlantaFultonView Map
Georgia31198AtlantaFultonView Map
Georgia31199AtlantaFultonView Map
Georgia31201MaconBibbView Map
Georgia31202MaconBibbView Map
Georgia31203MaconBibbView Map
Georgia31204MaconBibbView Map
Georgia31205MaconBibbView Map
Georgia31206MaconBibbView Map
Georgia31207MaconBibbView Map
Georgia31208MaconBibbView Map
Georgia31209MaconBibbView Map
Georgia31210MaconBibbView Map
Georgia31211MaconBibbView Map
Georgia31212MaconBibbView Map
Georgia31213MaconBibbView Map
Georgia31216MaconBibbView Map
Georgia31217MaconBibbView Map
Georgia31220MaconBibbView Map
Georgia31221MaconBibbView Map
Georgia31294MaconBibbView Map
Georgia31295MaconBibbView Map
Georgia31296MaconBibbView Map
Georgia31297MaconBibbView Map
Georgia31301AllenhurstLibertyView Map
Georgia31302BloomingdaleChathamView Map
Georgia31303ClyoEffinghamView Map
Georgia31304CrescentMcintoshView Map
Georgia31305DarienMcintoshView Map
Georgia31307EdenEffinghamView Map
Georgia31308EllabellBryanView Map
Georgia31309FlemingLibertyView Map
Georgia31310HinesvilleLibertyView Map
Georgia31312GuytonEffinghamView Map
Georgia31313HinesvilleLibertyView Map
Georgia31314Fort StewartLibertyView Map
Georgia31315Fort StewartLibertyView Map
Georgia31316LudowiciLongView Map
Georgia31318MeldrimEffinghamView Map
Georgia31319MeridianMcintoshView Map
Georgia31320MidwayLibertyView Map
Georgia31321PembrokeBryanView Map
Georgia31322PoolerChathamView Map
Georgia31323RiceboroLibertyView Map
Georgia31324Richmond HillBryanView Map
Georgia31326RinconEffinghamView Map
Georgia31327Sapelo IslandMcintoshView Map
Georgia31328Tybee IslandChathamView Map
Georgia31329SpringfieldEffinghamView Map
Georgia31331TownsendMcintoshView Map
Georgia31333WalthourvilleLibertyView Map
Georgia31401SavannahChathamView Map
Georgia31402SavannahChathamView Map
Georgia31403SavannahChathamView Map
Georgia31404SavannahChathamView Map
Georgia31405SavannahChathamView Map
Georgia31406SavannahChathamView Map
Georgia31407SavannahChathamView Map
Georgia31408SavannahChathamView Map
Georgia31409SavannahChathamView Map
Georgia31410SavannahChathamView Map
Georgia31411SavannahChathamView Map
Georgia31412SavannahChathamView Map
Georgia31414SavannahChathamView Map
Georgia31415SavannahChathamView Map
Georgia31416SavannahChathamView Map
Georgia31418SavannahChathamView Map
Georgia31419SavannahChathamView Map
Georgia31420SavannahChathamView Map
Georgia31421SavannahChathamView Map
Georgia31501WaycrossWareView Map
Georgia31502WaycrossWareView Map
Georgia31503WaycrossWareView Map
Georgia31510AlmaBaconView Map
Georgia31512AmbroseCoffeeView Map
Georgia31513BaxleyApplingView Map
Georgia31515BaxleyApplingView Map
Georgia31516BlackshearPierceView Map
Georgia31518BristolPierceView Map
Georgia31519BroxtonCoffeeView Map
Georgia31520BrunswickGlynnView Map
Georgia31521BrunswickGlynnView Map
Georgia31522Saint Simons IslandGlynnView Map
Georgia31523BrunswickGlynnView Map
Georgia31524BrunswickGlynnView Map
Georgia31525BrunswickGlynnView Map
Georgia31527Jekyll IslandGlynnView Map
Georgia31532DentonJeff DavisView Map
Georgia31533DouglasCoffeeView Map
Georgia31534DouglasCoffeeView Map
Georgia31535DouglasCoffeeView Map
Georgia31537FolkstonCharltonView Map
Georgia31539HazlehurstJeff DavisView Map
Georgia31542HobokenBrantleyView Map
Georgia31543HortenseBrantleyView Map
Georgia31544JacksonvilleTelfairView Map
Georgia31545JesupWayneView Map
Georgia31546JesupWayneView Map
Georgia31547Kings BayCamdenView Map
Georgia31548KingslandCamdenView Map
Georgia31549Lumber CityTelfairView Map
Georgia31550ManorWareView Map
Georgia31551MershonPierceView Map
Georgia31552MillwoodWareView Map
Georgia31553NahuntaBrantleyView Map
Georgia31554NichollsCoffeeView Map
Georgia31555OdumWayneView Map
Georgia31556OffermanPierceView Map
Georgia31557PattersonPierceView Map
Georgia31558Saint MarysCamdenView Map
Georgia31560ScrevenWayneView Map
Georgia31561Sea IslandGlynnView Map
Georgia31562Saint GeorgeCharltonView Map
Georgia31563SurrencyApplingView Map
Georgia31564WaresboroWareView Map
Georgia31565WaverlyCamdenView Map
Georgia31566WaynesvilleBrantleyView Map
Georgia31567West GreenCoffeeView Map
Georgia31568White OakCamdenView Map
Georgia31569WoodbineCamdenView Map
Georgia31598JesupWayneView Map
Georgia31599JesupWayneView Map
Georgia31601ValdostaLowndesView Map
Georgia31602ValdostaLowndesView Map
Georgia31603ValdostaLowndesView Map
Georgia31604ValdostaLowndesView Map
Georgia31605ValdostaLowndesView Map
Georgia31606ValdostaLowndesView Map
Georgia31620AdelCookView Map
Georgia31622AlapahaBerrienView Map
Georgia31623ArgyleClinchView Map
Georgia31624AxsonAtkinsonView Map
Georgia31625BarneyBrooksView Map
Georgia31626BostonThomasView Map
Georgia31627CecilCookView Map
Georgia31629DixieBrooksView Map
Georgia31630Du PontClinchView Map
Georgia31631FargoClinchView Map
Georgia31632HahiraLowndesView Map
Georgia31634HomervilleClinchView Map
Georgia31635LakelandLanierView Map
Georgia31636Lake ParkLowndesView Map
Georgia31637LenoxCookView Map
Georgia31638MorvenBrooksView Map
Georgia31639NashvilleBerrienView Map
Georgia31641NaylorLowndesView Map
Georgia31642PearsonAtkinsonView Map
Georgia31643QuitmanBrooksView Map
Georgia31645Ray CityBerrienView Map
Georgia31647SparksCookView Map
Georgia31648StatenvilleEcholsView Map
Georgia31649StocktonLanierView Map
Georgia31650WillacoocheeAtkinsonView Map
Georgia31698ValdostaLowndesView Map
Georgia31699Moody A F BLowndesView Map
Georgia31701AlbanyDoughertyView Map
Georgia31702AlbanyDoughertyView Map
Georgia31703AlbanyDoughertyView Map
Georgia31704AlbanyDoughertyView Map
Georgia31705AlbanyDoughertyView Map
Georgia31706AlbanyDoughertyView Map
Georgia31707AlbanyDoughertyView Map
Georgia31708AlbanyDoughertyView Map
Georgia31709AmericusSumterView Map
Georgia31710AmericusSumterView Map
Georgia31711AndersonvilleSumterView Map
Georgia31712ArabiCrispView Map
Georgia31714AshburnTurnerView Map
Georgia31716BacontonMitchellView Map
Georgia31719AmericusSumterView Map
Georgia31720BarwickBrooksView Map
Georgia31721AlbanyDoughertyView Map
Georgia31722BerlinColquittView Map
Georgia31727BrookfieldTiftView Map
Georgia31730CamillaMitchellView Map
Georgia31733ChulaTiftView Map
Georgia31735CobbSumterView Map
Georgia31738CoolidgeThomasView Map
Georgia31739CottonMitchellView Map
Georgia31743De SotoSumterView Map
Georgia31744DoerunColquittView Map
Georgia31747EllentonColquittView Map
Georgia31749EnigmaBerrienView Map
Georgia31750FitzgeraldBen HillView Map
Georgia31753FunstonColquittView Map
Georgia31756HartsfieldColquittView Map
Georgia31757ThomasvilleThomasView Map
Georgia31758ThomasvilleThomasView Map
Georgia31760IrwinvilleIrwinView Map
Georgia31763LeesburgLeeView Map
Georgia31764LeslieSumterView Map
Georgia31765MeigsThomasView Map
Georgia31768MoultrieColquittView Map
Georgia31769MysticIrwinView Map
Georgia31771Norman ParkColquittView Map
Georgia31772OakfieldWorthView Map
Georgia31773OchlockneeThomasView Map
Georgia31774OcillaIrwinView Map
Georgia31775OmegaTiftView Map
Georgia31776MoultrieColquittView Map
Georgia31778PavoThomasView Map
Georgia31779PelhamMitchellView Map
Georgia31780PlainsSumterView Map
Georgia31781PoulanWorthView Map
Georgia31782PutneyDoughertyView Map
Georgia31783RebeccaTurnerView Map
Georgia31784Sale CityMitchellView Map
Georgia31787SmithvilleLeeView Map
Georgia31788MoultrieColquittView Map
Georgia31789SumnerWorthView Map
Georgia31790SycamoreTurnerView Map
Georgia31791SylvesterWorthView Map
Georgia31792ThomasvilleThomasView Map
Georgia31793TiftonTiftView Map
Georgia31794TiftonTiftView Map
Georgia31795Ty TyTiftView Map
Georgia31796WarwickWorthView Map
Georgia31798WrayIrwinView Map
Georgia31799ThomasvilleThomasView Map
Georgia31801Box SpringsTalbotView Map
Georgia31803Buena VistaMarionView Map
Georgia31804CataulaHarrisView Map
Georgia31805CussetaChattahoocheeView Map
Georgia31806EllavilleSchleyView Map
Georgia31807EllerslieHarrisView Map
Georgia31808FortsonMuscogeeView Map
Georgia31810GenevaTalbotView Map
Georgia31811HamiltonHarrisView Map
Georgia31812Junction CityTalbotView Map
Georgia31814LouvaleStewartView Map
Georgia31815LumpkinStewartView Map
Georgia31816ManchesterMeriwetherView Map
Georgia31820MidlandMuscogeeView Map
Georgia31821OmahaStewartView Map
Georgia31822Pine MountainHarrisView Map


Knowing what to do is the easy part. Knowing the “how to” is easy! The problem is not with the strategies and techniques of how to do something; the problem is that we don’t “do” what we know. We don’t use the knowledge that we have. And even if we step out and use what we know, most Georgia mortgage job loan officers tend to give up too easily. The key is to pick an idea for gaining new Georgia mortgage job and stick with it until you find a way to make it work!

To make the most out of the following information, review this material several times first, because you may have tried some of these ideas in the past with little or no success. Keep in mind that there are several different strategies that you can incorporate with each of the following ways to obtain new Georgia mortgage job . The trick is to pick a dozen or so to focus on, and try different approaches and strategies for each one. Perfect them don’t give up, and you will eventually find your niche and make a lot of money.

  1. Visit Georgia mortgage job real estate offices consistently, with or without flyers. When you call on these offices, be effective. Give them the impression that you are very serious about your Georgia mortgage job Georgia mortgage job and adding value to the people you are talking with. Don’t rely on flyers to grow your Georgia mortgage job for you. Flyers are only useful to let Realtors know that you were there, or for announcing a new program that’s unique to you or your company. If you are using flyers as a crutch (to give you a sense of security) to call on offices, do it!
  1. Ask to talk at weekly meetings for Georgia mortgage job real estate offices. When you do land a meeting, be sure to prepare. Make them want to do Georgia mortgage job with you. Do something different from everyone else. Make them laugh, make them better, and make them want to do Georgia mortgage job with you.
  1. Attend weekly Georgia mortgage job real estate office meetings and bring goodies. Answer questions, be available, and build relationships. Make your presence known when you attend these meetings. Let them know (in your own way) that you are there to do Georgia mortgage job and to add value to them.
  1. Go to Georgia mortgage job real estate events and parties. Make friends and build relationships at the events. Caution! Don’t drink too much. Your conduct must command respect if you are attending these functions to grow your Georgia mortgage job .
  1. Offer to sit in the Georgia mortgage job real estate office on weekends with the Realtors to be available for prequalifications, answering questions, and taking new loan applications. This is an aggressive move and shows them that you mean Georgia mortgage job and are willing to do whatever it takes to make it happen.
  1. Attend Georgia mortgage job real estate conferences and seminars. This is a great way to build long-term relationships with prospective clients. Because of this environment, your chances of“hitting it off”with others attending the seminar or conference increase dramatically.
  1. Join Georgia mortgage job mortgage related Georgia mortgage job mortgage related all local and national Georgia mortgage job real estate  related organizations such as your local Board of Realtors, Association of Professional Mortgage Women (APMW), or other appropriate group. The more places you put yourself in that give you an opportunity to meet people who can give you Georgia mortgage job , the more Georgia mortgage job you’ll get. While getting involved in these organizations is good, nothing will replace going up to a Realtor or builder or borrower and asking for Georgia mortgage job . Asking for Georgia mortgage job point-blank will always work if you do it enough. Remember that this is a numbers game.
  1. Join Georgia mortgage job mortgage related Georgia mortgage job mortgage related local Georgia mortgage job mortgage Georgia mortgage job related organizations such as the local Chamber of Commerce, or Leads. Let people know who you are and what you do. Leads groups are a great way to get instant referrals.
  1. Start your own Leads group. Call your local Chamber of Commerce for information on starting your own group.
  1. Join Georgia mortgage job mortgage related Georgia mortgage job mortgage related builder associated groups such as National Association of Home Builders (NAHB) and the local Building Industry Association (BIA). Your involvement in these organizations must be consistent to get the most out of them. Understand that it’s difficult to be all things to all people. Narrow down what you’re going to commit to and get involved in.
  1. Join Georgia mortgage job mortgage related local affiliated groups such as The Rental Housing Association and others such as escrow and title company groups. These relationships are what I call non-direct or affiliated relationships. They have some Georgia mortgage job mortgage Georgia mortgage job potential but don’t devote too much time getting involved in everything they do.
  1. Host an event for the local Georgia mortgage job real estate professionals. You can get the local title companies and others to help sponsor to keep the costs low. I conduct seminars on peak performance and I always get a sponsor and invite the Realtors. I have anywhere from 50 to 150 attend. They love it because my focus is on helping them out. As a result, I get Georgia mortgage job mortgage Georgia mortgage job .
  1. Join Georgia mortgage job mortgage related Georgia mortgage job mortgage related and attend all Multiple Listing Service (MLS) and Board of Realtor functions. If your Georgia mortgage job mortgage Georgia mortgage job  is Realtor-based, you must campaign for yourself. Look at yourself as a politician. If people know you and you have a great reputation, you will be in a position to get lots of votes…or loans in our case.
  1. Be involved in a committee that serves through the Board of Realtors. This will heighten your relationships with these Realtors. Don’t Join Georgia mortgage job mortgage related Georgia mortgage job mortgage related a committee and be a wallflower.
  1. Send a weekly flyer, newsletter, or other mailer to Realtors. Include small mom-and-pop shops even if they have just one person. This is a must. There is no excuse for not having and sending out a personalized professional newsletter to clients and potential clients. So many great companies offer your name, picture, and personal information on their pre-written newsletter. All you have to do is pay the fee and they do all the work.
  1. Check the newspaper for open houses. Call Realtors and do financing flyers for them. They always appreciate this because again, you are helping them out. It’s easy to get them to say yes to open house flyers. If you get them to say yes there, it will be easier to get them to say yes to giving you some loans.
  1. Stop by open houses on weekends. Bring goodies and be prepared to do financing alternative flyers,

pre-qualify borrowers and/or take a loan application. This is the easiest way to expand your Georgia mortgage job mortgage Georgia mortgage job . Realtors are always approachable in this setting.

  1. Stop by new subdivision model homes and build relationships with sales agents. Do cost sheets on all of their models.
  1. Offer to sit on their model home tract on a weekend to prequalify borrowers. You can do this with builders or Realtors. But do not let them take advantage of you. Make sure you’re getting Georgia mortgage job mortgage Georgia mortgage job from them if you are providing this service.
  1. Teach a class. Call an adult school or community college and offer to teach a class on credit, appraisal, Georgia mortgage job real estate , and/or mortgage finance. Being an expert is not enough. The trick is to let everyone know that you are an expert.
  1. Attend Georgia mortgage job real estate continuing education classes to renew your Georgia mortgage job real estate license. Don’t do home study. This is a great place to meet and build relationships with Realtors.
  1. Conduct or sponsor seminars that help Realtors and/or builders increase sales. One idea would be to interview the top 10 Realtors in your area. They will love to do an interview because they all love to talk about their success. Then offer to present the results of your interview to other Georgia mortgage job real estate offices to help them increase Georgia mortgage job mortgage Georgia mortgage job . This also gets you in-the-door with the top producers.
  1. Conduct “New Homebuyer” seminars for the public. When done right, this works great! You can get a sponsor or two to help make this more of a success. Title and escrow companies, Realtors, and financial planners are good contacts for sponsors. Use ads that catch attention such as: “Don’t Buy Your First Home Before Attending This Free Seminar!”
  1. Conduct Georgia mortgage job real estate finance seminars for Realtors and/or builders. This is a great opportunity to show your stuff as an expert. There are always new Realtors entering the Georgia mortgage job mortgage Georgia mortgage job . This offers a tremendous need that you can fill.
  1. Take Georgia mortgage job real estate and affiliated classes at your local adult school or community college. This is a great way to build relationships with Realtors and potential Realtors.
  1. Attend self-improvement seminars. Many Realtors attend these on a regular basis. Be a student of the game. Try to attend the ones that you know Realtors will attend.
  1. Call and/or visit FSBO’s. Do a computer cost sheet and help them pre-qualify the potential homebuyers who look at their home. You can also offer signs, guest registers, and market analyses on their home. This is an easy sale because they are also very concerned about qualified borrowers.
  1. Consistently build off your past borrowers. Have a contact management list. Send a mailer to all of the loans you’ve closed and keep in touch with them. Ask for referrals! You’re throwing Georgia mortgage job mortgage Georgia mortgage job away if you don’t keep in touch with your existing clients.
  1. Keep a journal or some kind of record on who has called on loan information and check back with them within a week. Many loan officers talk to potential borrowers, then throw the information away. Start a file for floor calls. Make notes to call these people back as follow-up.
  1. Keep a tickler file on leads. Never stop prospecting leads. If they said no once, ask again and again and again.
  2. Join Georgia mortgage job mortgage related Georgia mortgage job mortgage related outside organizations such as, clubs, singles groups, ski clubs, gym memberships, and churches. Whatever your interest and beliefs are, make sure you tell everyone what you do! Always keep your Georgia mortgage job mortgage Georgia mortgage job  cards with you and ready to give out.
  1. Take part in community events and remember to wear your name tag. Always wear your name tag, even at the grocery store!
  1. Have and work a booth at Georgia mortgage job mortgage Georgia mortgage job and trade shows. Exposure! Make sure that you follow up on all of the leads you receive at these shows.
  1. Contact your local TV and radio stations and offer your expertise for news specials and industry changes. I once took calls for one hour on a TV show regarding refinancing and received a ton of Georgia mortgage job mortgage Georgia mortgage job . Get to know your local TV and radio personalities. Once you get in with them, they will continue to contact you as an expert.
  1. Put your cards and flyers on bulletin boards of Georgia mortgage job mortgage Georgia mortgage job es. Especially those Georgia mortgage job real estate related Georgia mortgage job mortgage Georgia mortgage job es like license training schools, and classes.
  1. Hand walk all appraisal and status sheets to Georgia mortgage job real estate agents or builders. This is a great excuse to see them again. The more you see them, the better the relationship you will have with them, and the more Georgia mortgage job mortgage Georgia mortgage job you’ll receive.
  1. After you close a loan, send a thank-you note to the borrowers and both Realtors. Then call them to ask for referrals. Make it a point to call on them personally as well. This is great timing. They will appreciate you for closing the transaction.
  1. Use “Promos” like pens, note pads, and coffee cups: anything that will help you gain exposure. Keeping your name out there is critical.
  1. Ask your manager for specific floor times to answer calls from new applicants. If you’re going to be in the office doing paperwork, make the most of this time.
  1. Send flyers and Georgia mortgage job mortgage Georgia mortgage job cards to CPA’s and financial planners in your area. Many times, loan officers overlook these professionals. They can provide a lot of steady Georgia mortgage job mortgage Georgia mortgage job to you.
  1. Send flyers and Georgia mortgage job mortgage Georgia mortgage job cards to attorneys. Promote yourself and your Georgia mortgage job mortgage Georgia mortgage job . This also helps you separate yourself as an expert.
  1. Build relationships with title representatives, escrow officers, sales managers, and account representatives. These affiliated Georgia mortgage job mortgage Georgia mortgage job es and people can be the key to many referrals.
  1. Build relationships with other lenders who don’t offer the same loan programs that you offer. Trade Georgia mortgage job mortgage Georgia mortgage job with them.
  1. Build relationships with appraisers and trade Georgia mortgage job mortgage Georgia mortgage job leads. You never know where your next lead will come from. Make it a point to tell these people that you want referrals. Always ask for the Georgia mortgage job mortgage Georgia mortgage job !
  2. Build relationships with termite company and trade Georgia mortgage job mortgage Georgia mortgage job leads. Like #44, always ask for new Georgia mortgage job mortgage Georgia mortgage job !
  1. Ask your dentist or doctor if you can leave Georgia mortgage job mortgage Georgia mortgage job information on residential home loans in their waiting rooms. Remember, you’re a politician campaigning for yourself.
  1. Have a large plastic holder made with your picture and office information to leave with various different model home tracts, builders, and Realtor offices. These also work well at open houses.
  1. Call on bank tellers and bank officers to trade Georgia mortgage job mortgage Georgia mortgage job . Most banks don’t offer the same loan programs that you can offer. You’d be surprised how many referrals you can get from this source.
  1. Get a list of potential refinance customers from a title or escrow company. These lists are usually free and you can team up with the title company to grow your Georgia mortgage job mortgage Georgia mortgage job . This is a must because it’s an inexpensive way to reach many customers.
  1. Start a brainstorming group of professionals. This works best with affiliated Georgia mortgage job mortgage Georgia mortgage job es. However, professionals from other industries work well.
  1. Do Join Georgia mortgage job mortgage related Georgia mortgage job mortgage related t advertising with top Realtors or builders. This is a great way to team up to help each other expand and grow Georgia mortgage job mortgage Georgia mortgage job . Make sure to monitor what you invest to make sure you’re getting a return on investment. To do this, you must be getting a lot of Georgia mortgage job mortgage Georgia mortgage job from your partner in advertising. Of course, you don’t want to alienate other Realtors who might not use you because of your affiliation with your advertising partner.
  1. Mail out quality letters to renters in apartment complexes where they are paying high-end rent. Make sure rents are high enough so that borrower has a chance at qualifying for the potential mortgage.

Otherwise, you could be wasting a lot of time sending information to individuals who may not qualify.

  1. Put a flyer in a tax shop or a CPA’s office regarding the use of income tax refunds for a down payment on a home.
  1. Target certain groups who would benefit from your loan programs such as Public Employee Retirement System (PERS) or local bond loan programs.
  1. Hold seminars and workshops for these groups such as PERS. Call employers who qualify under this program as a benefit to their employees.
  1. When you advertise, target your advertisement for promoting both you and your company in addition to your loan products.
  1. Offer gift certificates for a free appraisal, lower closing cost, or free credit report for new borrowers. There are several advertising sources to place your coupons, such as phone books, newspapers, and Realtor magazines.
  2. Offer free credit counseling for people interested in homebuying. Free credit counseling can be a big draw for new clients and referrals. Make sure you give them accurate and professional advice. If they can’t qualify for a home now, let them know when they can and advise them accordingly.
  1. Ask local city and county housing or planning departments for local contractors that are active for rehabilitating homes. They will give you this information by phone or by mailing you a list. These contractors are a great source of referrals for first and second mortgages. Especially if you do a lot of FHA 203K loans and the like.
  1. Fax your loan approvals to everyone involved in the transaction. Flaunt your stuff.
  1. Have your picture put on your cards and flyers so that people know who you are. It’s exposure!
  1. Talk to students during career week at the local schools. This separates you as an expert and helps you gain exposure.
  1. Send congratulation cards to parents of newborns. They can be found in the newspaper. Many times, they are looking to move into bigger homes, or they may know someone who is purchasing.
  1. Prepare a cassette with information on the mortgage process, pre-qualification, mortgage options, documentation, etc. Make sure all the Georgia mortgage job real estate offices, builders, CPA’s and others have your tapes ready to give out.
  1. Ask for referral letters from your borrowers, Realtors, and builders. Start a notebook to show potential new clients proof that you do a great job.
  1. Set up a hot-line for question and answers for pre-qualifying and other loan questions. If you do set up a hot-line, make sure that you advertise well to let people know it’s available.
  1. Improve your platform and public speaking skills by Join Georgia mortgage job mortgage related Georgia mortgage job mortgage related ing a speaking organization such as Toastmasters. Always be looking for ways to improve your image and presentation skills. The better you are, the more money you’ll make.
  1. Hold an open house for your office and have food, drink, and music. Make sure your office is presentable and professional. Have a drawing or give-away.
  1. Develop a tri-fold marketing brochure to hand out. These are easy to create on the computer. If you’re not computer literate, they are inexpensive to have done.
  1. Do a mass mailer to select groups. You must also make sure your mailer is going to the right people.
  1. Use a laptop computer to originate loans. Once you learn how to originate loans on the laptop, show your clients, Realtors, and builders. Don’t just show them your new toy, show them what it will do for them.
  1. If you have some computer skills, offer your services. Offer to do a tri-fold flyer for one of your Realtors in exchange for their Georgia mortgage job mortgage Georgia mortgage job . Get familiar with the Internet as soon as possible!
  1. Develop a website. This is a must. This is an inexpensive way to let many people know who you are and what you do. You can get a basic website for as little as $150. Get your website started and improve it as you go. You will want to be included in as many search engines as possible.
  1. Visit new model homes on the weekend. The key to builder Georgia mortgage job mortgage Georgia mortgage job is starting relationships with the builder’s salespeople sitting on the new home tracts. Look in the weekend newspaper for their locations. It’s important to be as familiar as possible with the particular builder you are calling on. Consistently visit their site so that you can get to know the homes as well as the people selling them.
  1. Write out names of everyone you know. Most people know at least 250 people. Those 250 people know 250 people each. That’s 62,500 people that you are connected with right now. I promise you that out of all those people, you will find new mortgage loans.
  1. Advertise. It’s impossible to advertise too much. Go to seminars and workshops to learn as much as you can on how and when to advertise in newspapers, Georgia mortgage job real estate magazines, specialty magazines, billboards, radio, TV, and any other place to get your name out there. Keep trying until you find what works for you!


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