Bad Credit Jumbo Mortgage Lenders

Bad Credit Jumbo Mortgage Lenders

Bad Credit Mortgage Lenders help applicants find several loan offers on bad credit jumbo mortgage solutions for house buying or refinancing jumbo mortgages for non-conforming loan amounts from $420k to 5 million.  We have multiple bad credit jumbo mortgage lenders that help home mortgage and refinance with bad credit mortgage programs that provide you the ability to roll your high interest first and second bad credit mortgage loans into a new low rate bad credit jumbo mortgage. Finding a Bad credit mortgage lender that offers bad credit jumbo programs is nearly impossible in today’s challenging secondary market. We are one of the last Bad credit jumbo lenders offering bad credit jumbo home loans in today’s challenging market-place.

Jumbo Bad Credit Mortgage Highlights-

  • Jumbo Bad Credit Mortgage Loans Up To $2 Million Dollars… 
  • Up to 90% LTV / CLTV with 680 Score, 80% LTV with 640 Score…
  • NO Mortgage Insurance
  • No Pre-Payment Penalty on O/O and 2ndHomes
  • No seasoning for SS if paid as agreed up until sale of property…
  • 24 months from FC deed date and BK Discharge…
  • Rates as Low as 5.125%…
  • 24 Bad Credit Month Personal Bank Statement Loan for Self Employed Borrowers, No Tax Returns or Transcripts Required…


Now you can consolidate high interest credit, jumbo bad credit refinance loans, and get cash out. As you probably already know bad credit jumbo mortgage rates were recently at an all-time low. It is not too late to get a competitive home purchase or refinance loan.

  • Take cash out for debt consolidation or home improvements
  • Compare Bad Credit Jumbo Loans
  • Bad  Credit Mortgage Lender to 90% of your home’s value.
  • Bad Credit Jumbo Loan to 70-90% of your home’s value.

Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae set guidelines for bad credit jumbo mortgage lenders and the borrowing limits for traditional mortgage loans. For single-family homes the loan limit in 2006 is $417,000. Anything above that loan limit is considered a non-conforming jumbo bad credit mortgage loan.. Any bad credit mortgage loan outside of the Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae underwriting guidelines is considered unconventional jumbo bad credit mortgage lenders!.

With housing prices continuing to rise all over the country, almost the only way you can get a mortgage is to get a non-conforming bad credit jumbo mortgage. However, as a result of the sub-prime market, there are many programs available today that help people with recent Foreclosure, Collections, bankruptcies,  to help you obtain bad credit jumbo mortgage financing, including bad credit jumbo home loans for home purchases and for refinancing jumbo loans.


Here are a few ways bad credit Florida mortgage applicants can raise their chances of qualifying for a Jumbo mortgage:

  1. Prove 12 months timely rental history either provide cancelled checks or verification of rent from a management company. In the hierarchy of credit if you can prove to the Jumbo bad credit mortgage lender timely rent then you have proven the ability to pay the mortgage.
  2. Show the bad Credit jumbo mortgage lender last 12 months timely payment history with 0 x 30 days late in the last 12 months on any credit reported obligations.
  3. Keep open account balances as low as possible less than 20% of the limit is best.
  4. Negotiate all past collections on your credit report other than medical bills to show a zero balance.

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