FHA Streamline Refinance

The FHA Streamline Mortgage Program Is The Perfect Solution For Existing FHA Loans.

The greatest advantage to having an existing FHA mortgage is the ability to do a streamline refinance your FHA mortgage. Due to having already been approved for an FHA mortgage an FHA mortgage lender can streamline refinance your current FHA mortgage to lower your mortgage payments or to shorten your loan mortgage terms. Using the FHA streamline mortgage is easy and comes with lower fees for current FHA mortgage holders.


  • Mortgage Must Be Current Most Current 12 Consecutive Months.
  • Your Must Currently Have An FHA Mortgage
  • The FHA Loan Must Be At Least 6 Months Old
  • The Refinance Must Lower The Principle And Interest Mortgage Payments By At Least $50.00 Per Month Or Be Changing From An ARM To A Fixed Rate FHA Mortgage.
  • You Cannot Receive Cash Back with an FHA streamline refinance.
  • Any Existing New Liens Must Subordinate To The New FHA Streamline Mortgage.

If you don’t presently have an FHA mortgage, you will not be eligible to streamline refinacne your mortgage; however, we can FHA refinance your existing conventional or sub-prime mortgage into an FHA mortgage loan that will allow you to take advantage of the FHA streamline program in the future! Learn more! Use our Quick Quote to get started.

With the FHA streamline mortgage program, so long as your loan payments have been on time for the last 12 months, you can take advantage of any lower mortgage Interest Rates. Even if you had a late payment it is still possible  for a streamline FHA mortgage refinance with the right circumstances!

The process of FHA streamline refinancing an existing FHA product is called an “FHA Streamline” loan due to the fact it requires reduced documentation, and in many instances, requires no appraisal. Speak to one of our FHA specialists at by using our Quick Quote to begin the application process for your next streamline refinance.


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