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Not two generations ago, it was difficult for home buyers in Florida to get a mortgage from their local financial institution without a 20% Down payment. Few people could manage the savings required and many otherwise qualified Floridians didn’t get approved for the funds to buy a home in Florida because they did not have the minimum Down payment to qualify for a Florida Mortgage.

Although recent problems in the subprime market have made lenders more careful about how they extend credit, it’s still very possible to buy a home in Florida with little or no money down. To learn more about our Florida home buyer programs, just give us a call at 1-954-667-9110 or use our Apply Now link and get approved today!

Florida Mortgage With Less Than 20% Down

For sure, it is much easier today to be a Florida home buyer than it was a generation ago. Even if you don’t have substantial savings or perfect credit, our Florida mortgage company works with many Florida mortgage lenders still willing to make loans to borrowers with limited cash for Down payment.

In fact, today in Florida 7 out of 10 first time home buyers make a Down payment of 20% or less.

Because most people who sell an existing Florida home have some equity which can be applied to making the Down payment on the new home, no down payment financing is most attractive to Florida first time home buyers. However, these loans are an option for all home buyers whether they have equity from a prior sale or not.

Don’t be persuaded that your low Down-payment means you can’t become a Florida homeowner. Call 1-954-667-9110 or use our Apply Now  to find out how simple it is to take advantage of our excellent no money down mortgage programs.

With 10 plus years of helping home buyers and first time home buyers become homeowners, our skilled and experienced mortgage originators can help you own a Florida home using these excellent low money down Mortgage programs:


  • $100 – Down Payment For FHA Mortgage Programs – 100 Down FHA mortgage  to most U.S. buyers, the FHA features a special “$100 down” loan with accompanying low mortgage rates. Via the FHA mortgage program, buyers can grab HUD-owned homes at steep discounts. In order to use the $100 down program, buyers must purchase a HUD home which was previously financed via the FHA and which has since moved into foreclosure and did not sell at the court house steps. our real estate agent or lender can help you to identify eligible U.S. homes.
  • 5%-Conventional Florida Mortgage Loans- Conventional Florida mortgage loans require Florida mortgage applicants  to make a minimum 5 percent down payment on a home. In general, if you have less than 20% down payment you are required to pay private mortgage insurance (PMI) will be required. PMI can be paid monthly with the mortgage; in one lump-sum at the time of closing; or “built-in” to your mortgage rate (LPMI) Lender Paid Mortgage Insurance.In general, the smaller your down payment and lower your credit score, the higher your (PMI) mortgage rate will be.
  • 3.5% Down Florida FHA Mortgage Loans– Backed by the government, FHA mortgage loans have been popular with Florida mortgage seekers since their launch in 1934. The FHA mortgage loans only  require just a 3.5 percent down payment and are often more appealing than comparable conventional loans because of their less stringent route through underwriting. FHA mortgage loans are incredibly forgiving with respect to credit scores, income and assets. The FHA loan’s flexible underwriting standards make it an appealing financing option — especially for first time home buyers.
  • Zero Down -VA  Mortgage loans- The VA loan is another government-backed loan. Guaranteed by the Department of Veterans Affairs, it’s a program allowing for no down payment whatsoever for Florida qualified veterans. To be eligible for a VA mortgage loan, you must have served in the U.S. Armed Forces, or have been a member of the National Guard or Reserves. In some cases, spouses of deceased veterans are eligible as well. VA underwriting is very similar to FHA underwriting in terms of leniency. However, VA loans stand apart because they require zero down payment and no mortgage insurance whatsoever.
  • Zero Down Payment USDA Mortgage Loans- The U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) also offers a zero-down payment mortgage.The USDA’s Rural Housing loan is meant to help people buy property into non-urban areas nationwide. Most “modest homes” are eligible and Florida homeowners are generally restricted to a “modest income”. USDA loans are available in all 50 states and underwriting guidelines are similar those with the FHA and VA.

First Time Home Florida Buyers No Money Down Mortgage Loans

You may be pleasantly surprised how much money the same amount you are spending on rent every month can buy if you apply it toward a low fixed rate Florida mortgage. Why not take a step toward building equity for yourself and your family? Call a mortgage expert today at 1-954-667-9110 or use our secure online Florida mortgage Apply Now  to get a no money down mortgage for a first time home buyer in Hillsborough County or any of the other Florida counties we serve.

Quick and Easy No Money Down Florida Mortgage Programs for Florida First Time Home Buyers

Our mortgage pros have been making getting loan approvals for Florida first time home buyers easy, stress-free, and straightforward for over ten years now. We can help you get the keys to a Florida home that you own. Call 1-954-667-9110 and ask about our special no money down first time home buyer mortgage programs.

Our No Money Down Programs For Florida Home Buyers Include All Of The Following:

  • Low fixed rate Florida mortgages with terms of 40,30,20,15, and 10 years;
  • First time home buyer programs for Florida Jumbo and Super Jumbo Mortgages for the purchase of luxury homes;
  • No money down mortgage first time home buyer programs that allow for contributions from the seller and use of gift programs to pay closing costs and prepaids;
  • Florida no money down mortgage programs with periods of 1, 3, 5, and ten years;
  • Both conventional and FHA home loan programs designed specifically for first time home buyers with less than perfect credit who want a low cost alternative to a sub prime mortgage;
  • Excellent programs for first time buyers seeking to purchase mobiles, modular or trailer homes with land.

Don’t miss one of the best times to buy a home in Florida because you don’t have a low Down payment The call and consultation are free and without obligation. Call Florida mortgage lenders at 1-954-667-9110 to learn more about buying your first Florida home mortgage with low money down!

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