Bad Credit Home Loans

Bad credit home loans are available for residents in Florida. At FHA mortgage programs.com we go the extra mile to help find secure a bad credit mortgage  for our bad credit home loan applicants, regardless of their credit status. If your credit has been ruined as a result of Foreclosure or Bankruptcy, don’t give up on qualifying for a mortgage. We understand there are many reasons individuals find themselves in a bankruptcy or Foreclosure situation that we get approved for a bad credit mortgage everyday.

It wasn’t so long ago that if anyone had a bad credit score, the prospect of getting a mortgage to buy a house was almost unheard of. Our team of real estate and government mortgage loan originators  will work with you through many of our creative financing options to help you qualify for a mortgage loan. They know what it takes to enable you to recover from the status of a credit risk and to fully qualify for a loan.


Florida Bad Credit Mortgage Lenders Are Lending Again!
As your Bad Credit mortgage resource, we will listen carefully to your needs, and work with you to achieve your goal of mortgage approval. We work with bad credit mortgage lenders nationwide, and we have a large network of resources available. Our relationship with a wide selection of bad credit mortgage lenders puts us in a position to be your advocate for a bad credit home loan.

You can call us anytime for assistance. We have our expertise and experience experience in bad credit mortgage lending and real estate.

About Us

We are US Mortgage Lenders. Major real estate brokerages regularly entrust their clients to our team due to our reputation for transparency, delivering on time, customer satisfaction and loyalty. With five-star customer reviews on Zillow.com and counting, you’re assured of having the backing of an experienced team.


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