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Perhaps the greatest investor of all time is Warren Buffett. Interviewed recently, he said something that all Florida real estate investors ought to take to heart: “When people get greedy, I get scared…and when people get scared, I get greedy.”

Plenty of people are scared of the recent declines in the Florida real estate market and the uncertainty in financial markets, but smart Florida real estate investors know that there is wisdom in being a buyer when many people are anxious or even forced to sell their Florida real estate.

Florida Investor Loans

An Investor Friendly Mortgage Company

Many of our best and most loyal Florida Mortgage customers are real estate investors who have managed great returns in up or down markets because they know human nature and they know where to find the best non-owner occupied mortgage rates for their investment loan properties. Call 1-954-667-9110 today for a confidential, no obligation mortgage quote on your Florida investor loan or refi.

We can’t tell you whether it’s time to be scared or greedy in the Florida real estate market, but we can provide you with the lowest rates and best loan terms for your long-term purchase of rental investment properties or for your short-term purchase of investment properties to fix and flip.

Whether you are a part time real estate investor buying a second home to diversify your real estate portfolio or an active full-time real estate investor buying Foreclosures, chances are we can help you secure the best financing for Florida investment properties. From low rate fixed mortgages to flexible Construction loans to hard money loans. Call 1-954-667-9110 right now to speak with FHAMortgagePrograms.com about your next Florida investor mortgage or Refinance.

Florida Investment Property Loans
From A Mortgage Company Can Close Quickly

We can close quickly on your investment property loan in any city in Florida. From financing a B/C credit tenant for a rent to own in Hillsborough County to offering excellent financing on a rehabbed home that you have listed in MLS in Broward County, we can help you get the investment property loan you need in any of the cities we serve throughout Florida.

When you’re buying investment property, we’ll be glad to spell out your loan options and ensure that once your offer is accepted everything closes exactly as planned. No surprises and no excuses. That allows you to do what you do best: locate profitable Florida real estate investments that meet your property loan goals.

When you have a tenant or another investor who wishes to purchase one of your Florida investment properties, we can work with you to create creative financing options to create a win/win deal. Call an expert investor loan specialist at 1-954-667-9110 or apply securely online using our Full Application for dependable help from a company that is known for closingFlorida investment property loans quickly.

Florida Investment Property Loans

Condos, Townhouses With Less Than Full Documentation

Some banks are reluctant to finance condominiums or townhouses in newer developments when the units require a Florida investment property loan. We can create options for you to purchase these units even using less than full Doc loan options such as our no income investor loans and NINA investor loans. Call 1-954-667-9110 for a no-obligation, no-cost Florida investor mortgage quote today! We love a challenge and especially love to close the investor loans that other Florida Mortgage Lenders believe can’t be done.

Florida Investor Loans For Modular Homes

Many other mortgage lenders do not know the lenders and best programs for financing modular homes when they are non-owner occupied, so they refer clients to us. We have been closing modular home investment property loans for investors for over a decade.

In many instances, the rental numbers won’t cash flow with a traditional site built home, but work easily with a lower cost modular home. We can help you with the right investor Mortgages for your modular homes across the Sunshine State. Never heard of a modular home? As a real estate investor, you certainly want to call us today at 1-954-667-9110 or use our Full Application to find out more.

Even when it comes time to qualify a tenant with less than perfect credit to purchase a modular home that he or she has been renting from you, we can make the process smooth and simple. Call 1-954-667-9110 or use our Full Application form to find out about our investor financing for Florida modular homes.

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